Hi, I'mPierre-Louis Bourbon

Digital Student

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Final assessment

About my assignments:

  • FASST/Ernest now has a strong digital presence, so it’s a success story.
  • I feel that I have been forceful in my proposals and therefore bring new ideas.
  • I was versatile in my work, I was like a Swiss army knife.

On the human level:

  • The project is motivating, the idea of FASST is, in my opinion, fascinating.
  • My colleagues are very nice and helpful.
  • On a personal level, it was an enriching experience.

I would like to thank Pierre-Louis for this year at FASST, he has been able to respond to the missions, to be a force for proposal and to bring freshness. He was able to accompany me during the different trade shows and therefore he now knows the subject well, which is not necessarily obvious. It is therefore with pleasure that we renew the adventure for another 2 years!

– Xavier Favre / CEO